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Nutritional Supplement and Energy Drink

In this fast-moving lifestyle, only one thing is getting sacrificed and that is good health. Move over junk food and make way for Hydr-aid which is the way to good health and energetic days. This is the latest brand from India that is making news in the international market and how! We, from Hydr-aid, are in the industry of making healthy re-energizing drinks for a long time and hence, comprehend the actual need of the populace. Our energy drink has gained popularity for being the top-class electrolyte replacement for the tired and exhausted body. We understand that we all need stamina to keep our body clock alive and fit from morning till night.

Hydr-aid is available in two of the most preferred flavors: Orange and Lemon

Our body requires frequent boosts and electrolyte replacement and that is exactly what our energy drink is sure to offer. The body may feel weak after a long hectic day at school or in work. 

Filled with nutrients that will wake  you up, we, at Hydr-aid are sure that our drinks are a must-have for everyone from sportspersons to home makers.    

 At all times, we need to be on the lookout to keep our body metabolism rate on the same level. At the same time, we must always also maintain the acidic and alkaline percentage in our body fluids to stay energized.

Hydr-aid is considered the best for the people of all ages. It helps us to stay refreshed, full of stamina and replenishes all the oxidants in our body. Similarly, it may be so that you are in medication and the doctors recommend you to a healthy liquid diet wherefrom you can get all the necessary nutrients that your body requires. This can be gained from our electrolyte replacement that would give you the necessary energy to regain good health.In those times, a sip of our energy drink is bound to help you bounce back. 

Product Range

Orange Flavor

1250 gms (20 liter)
Each Box Contains 6 X 1250 gms

Lemon Flavor

1250 gms (20 liter)
Each Box Contains 6 X 1250 gms

Lemon Flavor (Light)

360 gms (20 liter)
Each Box Contains 30 X 360 gms

Orange Flavor (Light)

360 gms (20 liter)
Each Box Contains 30 X 360 gms

Lemon Flavor

64 gms (1 liter)
Each Box Contains 120 Pouch X 64 gms

Orange Flavor

64 gms (1 liter)
Each Box Contains 120 Pouch X 64 gms

Essential vitamins and nutrients

Our energy drink is a natural source of energy which contains all the necessary proteins and vitamins needed by the body

Reduce your pounds now

Hydr-aid Light will satisfy your cravings without the calorie intake

Supplying good nutritional value globally

Our energy drink is exported worldwide with major demand coming from countries with a hot climate

Fruit Flavored Delights for summer

Children often prefer to have something with delightful flavors in hot summery afternoons

Top – grade energy drink

We at Hydr-aid are strongly committed to manufacture a high-quality energy drink as per international standards

Consistent in the quality of drink

Powered by 10+ years of experience, our food experts ensure a quality energy drink for consumers

Vitamins & Minerals

Benefits of Hydr-aid

Oral Rehydration Solution

Benefits of Hydr-aid

  • Diarrhoea
  • Dehydration
  • Heavy Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Suffering from chronic diseases
  • Living in high altitudes
  • Playing sports

Hydr-aid can be taken by people of all age groups

Dehydration occurs due to excessive loss of water in the body. That causes chronic diseases, headache, dizziness, nausea, fever, and low blood pressure. Our ORS is the foremost choice of healthcare experts looking to treat various health disorders caused due to dehydration. It helps you to regain energy levels instantly without affecting your overall health.

  • Hydr-aid can be absorbed quickly because of presence of glucose
  • Perfect substitute for electrolytes showing results instantaneously
  • Isotonic drink solution with the exact blend of sodium and potassium


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